We are specialized in credentialing management and provider enrollment. We complete the tedious credentialing process to its entirety, while allowing you to focus on patient care. We take pride in the fact that our credentialing services are free for our billing clients.

Our credentialing team is trained to complete the enrollment in a timely manner so you can see patients, bill, and collect immediately after enrollment.

Once we receive the required documentation from the client, initial approval of your application takes 30-60 days to process. We follow-up with insurances regularly and collaborate with network managers to ensure that your enrollment time remains at the absolute minimum and you have the best rates.

Managing Credentials

Efficient work with multiple insurances

Independent credentialing and contracting

Regular updates through weekly and monthly reports

Keep credentials up to date for steady revenue

Enrollment & Physician Credentialing Services

Medicare and Medicaid Enrollment

Insurance Contract Negotiations

Payer-Fee Schedule Creation & Evaluation

Telemedicine Credentialing

Lab Enrollment Services (CUA)

Medical License Application Processing & Renewals

DEA Registration & Renewals

CAQH Registration and Regular Attestation