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eServMD: Your Trusted Local Partner in Medical Billing and Revenue Cycle Management

We are eServMD, a global leader in medical billing solutions. Specializing in advanced practices for coding and billing, we empower healthcare providers throughout the USA. Our services include practice management, ensuring accurate coding to prevent under and overbilling issues. With dedicated professionals, we also offer credentialing and contracting services. Trust eServMD for comprehensive solutions to optimize your billing and coding processes.


eServMD Offers Electronic Medical Billing Services

Cutting-Edge Practices, Global Expertise
At eServMD, we don’t follow trends; we set them. Our team of seasoned experts is at the forefront of implementing cutting-edge practices in medical billing and coding. From the latest industry standards to innovative technologies, we stay ahead of the curve to ensure your practice thrives.

Medical Billing Services for any EHR or PM Platform

At eServMD, we believe that the right technology is crucial for providing top-tier medical billing services. That's why we use the latest and most reliable software to handle our billing processes. Our advanced software solutions ensure accuracy, efficiency, and compliance, helping your practice to maximize revenue and minimize administrative burdens.

Who We Serve

Serving a Diverse Healthcare Community
Tailored Medical Billing Solutions for Every Healthcare Setting to streamline their diverse needs for revenue and practice management
We proudly serve:


Streamlining billing processes for hospitals to ensure efficient revenue management

Urgent Care Center

Facilitating billing procedures for urgent care centers, optimizing financial workflows.

Private Practices

Supporting private practices with tailored billing solutions for enhanced financial performance.


Providing specialized billing services for laboratories, maximizing reimbursement efficiency.


Why Choose Us?

Why eServMD is the Right Choice for You
Choose eServMD for your medical billing and revenue related solutions because

Decrease Cost
Eliminate Billing Headaches
Ensure Billing Compliance
Improve Patient Satisfaction
Get Paid Faster
Experience and Adaptation

Our Specialities

Discover Our Specializations: Tailored Solutions for Your Medical Billing Needs
At eServMD, we specialize in providing comprehensive medical billing solutions designed to address the unique requirements of healthcare providers. Our expertise encompasses:

Client Testimonial

Dorothy Taylor

Office Manager Cancer Care of Dublin

EservMD has consistently showcased outstanding professionalism, creativity, and dedication in medical billing. Their exceptional skills, collaborative nature, proactive approach, and commitment make them a highly recommended.

Dr. Qazi, MD

Cancer Care of Dublin - Dublin, GA

Working with eServMD has been an absolute pleasure. They are the only company that I trust to handle my medical billing.

Dr. Ismail

Coral Springs, FL

Excellent Service.

J.David, DO, Sunrise FL

Doctors Medical Associates

eServMD has given relentless dedication and commitment for over 3 years to my medical office. They go above and beyond to ensure success with amazing results!.