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Practice Management

Practice Management Consulting

Our medical practice management consultants are trained to guide practice managers to ensure that they are performing administrative work to the best of their ability. We use our expertise to help you run an efficient practice by resolving medical practice issues, designing customized strategic business and capital plans, and reducing stress for the provider and staff by implementing a systematic work flow. Our experts connect with you and each other to help you achieve your practice management goals.

Why Choose Us

Decrease Cost

By outsourcing medical billing services to us you will save thousands of dollars in annual salaries and benefits. We charge just a small percentage of your collections, which is less costly than what you would pay a medical billing staff to provide the same services. We do not get paid until you get paid.

Eliminate Billing Headaches

We ensure that your claims are accurately submitted in a timely manner. We are equipped with the knowledge to properly submit your medical claims. This has the net effect of reducing the number of rejected or denied claims due to medical billing errors.

Ensure Billing Compliance

One of the greatest challenges in medical billing is keeping up with the changes in Medicare, Medicaid, and third-party payers. We review and verify that the medical office is following the proper policies and protocols required by each payer.

Improve Patient Satisfaction

We reduce the burden placed on your front office staff to increase productivity, efficiency, and allow them to focus on patient satisfaction. Our billers will improve patient flow by providing your patients uninterrupted, courteous, and professional assistance regarding their billing questions or issues.

Get Paid Faster

We reduce turnaround time by ensuring that the claims are electronically submitted to all possible carriers and are set up to receive ERAs. We work to achieve the highest reimbursement possible in the shortest amount of time.

Experience and Adaptation

We are experienced and educated about the changing medical industry. We are in sync with medical professionals and organizations requirements and provide service in an efficient, intuitive, and thorough manner. Our staff is up-to-date with the latest medical billing industry trends and technology.

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